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I am thinking that once it's open, I will move on over to Dreamwidth. I've been increasingly unhappy with lj, but I am sticking around for the fans. If the fans are moving, I go too. It seems to me that lj is being more and more targeted at what they perceive to be their core users - teenage Russians.

I was walking Monkeyboy to playschool, and it was rainy our so I wore my windbreaker. The windbreaker I have had since high school, from when I was on the varsity volleyball team. I will be 34 in six weeks. It is now somehwat frayed. I am really very pleased with my jacket frugality.

The jacket reminded me that I am lucky enough to have a life almost exactly like I had hoped for at 16. Husband, check. Baby, check. International career, check. And something I would never have had the nerve to hope for - getting paid to write. I think those thoughts often, and I have a whole pattern I go through. I then worry that the other shoe will drop, and then I realize it has, since my dad can't even find his own bedroom or work a doorknob at this point.

Such is life I guess.

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Date: 2009-04-16 03:40 am (UTC)
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I'll offer you an invite once I have more, yeah?

And I don't know that I have the life I always hoped for - brain chemicals and other things got in the way - but I have the life I consciously chose for myself, and I had the choices, so I'm grateful. I'm sorry that the lives we imagined for ourselves left loopholes for those damn other shoes, though. If only we could have envisioned perfection more perfectly at 16, maybe we could have tied it all up, what do you think?

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Date: 2009-04-16 08:25 am (UTC)
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Thanks much!

It's pretty amazing to have the opportunity to make a plan and live it. And no one expects the Spanish inquisition, I suppose.


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